Our company

The Mashstroymost Group is a group of companies united by a single technological process allowing them to construct and overhaul structures and auxiliary sites for the railroad and automobile roads – from design to turnkey completion of sites.

The Mashstroymost Group comprises three Russian companies: ZAO Mashstroymost, ZAO Mashstroymost-M, and ZAO Mashstroymost-SPb.

The reason for uniting the companies was the need to create competitive solutions and providing conditions for an efficient business operation of each of the companies, which participates in a certain stage of realization of a given task, by optimizing professional, financial, and managerial resources.

The sphere of professional interests of the Mashstroymost Group includes:

  • bridges (primarily drawbridges) of all types: span structures, supports, systems of automated control and telecommunications, monitoring and control systems;
  • specialized facilities: transportation tunnels of various lengths and profiles; water-supply pipelines;
  • specialized equipment for constructing permanent and temporary structures.

The group’s main asset is its personnel, who have accumulated professionalism and personal experience, many of whom have been working in the are for several decades. Each employer, as well as the company as a whole, as participants of a civilized business process, understand their social responsibility and see it in promoting the industrial growth of the Russian economy.

The key to the group’s success is in setting correct corporate goals and tasks, which has been ensuring stability in its activities since 1992. The group is characterized by its ability to adapt to rapidly changing socioeconomic conditions and adjust to the changes in the state of the market.